Month: February 2018

5 Questions to Be Asked to Find Out How Much Car Wrap Cost

How much does a vehicle wrap cost? This is the question that many designers are asked on a daily basis. If you are new to the industry and do not have an idea on how to price your designs, ask these series of questions to your clients.

  • What is the year, make and model?
    The size and type of the vehicle to be wrapped can greatly affect the price. For instance, a 2-door coupe could cost less than a 4-door sedan. Likewise, cars with complex curves could have more expensive wrap designs than standard vehicles.
  • What is the surface condition?
    If the vehicle is an older model, always ask your clients if there are any peeling or signs of oxidation with the paint. In cases like this, you have to carefully plan the graphics so it will stick properly. Some clients will come to you to design their vehicle wrap to try to fix these issues. However, it will only enhance the issues and make them more noticeable. If you know any body shops, recommend your clients to them.
  • Does the vehicle currently have graphics on it?
    If your client’s car already have graphics on it, ask them to bring photos of the vehicle. Also ask for details on how long the current vinyl graphics has been on, so you can create a design that will overlap the old vinyl completely. If not, then they would need to be removed. Vinyl graphics that are older than 5 years are difficult to remove as they have bonded with the vehicle more.
  • Is the car wrap for personal use?
    If the car wrap is for personal use, it may be made of solid colors. But, other clients may want some significant imagery. That’s why you should always communicate with them. Ask them what they want, so you can make a plan that will meet if not exceed their expectations. Additional items such as antennas, spoilers and grills may also affect the cost of the car wrap.
  • Is it for commercial use?
    A commercial car wrap is not as extensive as a solid change wrap, but that does not mean you should not care much. You still need to carefully plan your design to produce the best quality graphics. This kind of wrap almost always include a design. So, talk with your client about what they want. You can give them advice, but you should also listen to them.

To increase your profits, use vehicle wrap templates. Templates include accurate measurements of vehicles and allow you to work on them, so you can see how they will look before printing and cutting them out. They will save you a lot of time from rework as you can seek for you client’s approval before going to your printer.

Understand the fundamentals of for a good wrap design to improve your layouts and get the maximum impact that your clients want. How much reach your client’s company will get depends on how effective your design is. The more successful designs you can create, the more clients will trust you with their car wrap.