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5 Tips to Make Your Car Graphics Last

Car wraps are increasingly becoming a popular choice for changing your vehicle’s appearance. They do not only make your car stand out from the rest on the road, they also protect it against natural hazards, keeping the original paint job pristine for years. The expected performance life of a quality vinyl wrap ranges between 5 and 7 years. Performance life refers to the time a car wrap looks good and stay adhered to the car. But, how can you make your car graphics last longer?

Here are five tips you should consider to make your vehicle graphics last:

  1. Use the right material. There are various kinds of vinyl in the market – from cheap to expensive. If you are looking to change your vinyl graphics in a year, the cheaper version may be suitable. For the best conformability at installation and longest durability, high quality vinyl should be used.
  2. Prepare your car’s surface. One of the most crucial steps of the installation process is preparing the vehicle’s surface. If your car has wax or polish, the vinyl will stick to it instead of the car. Use a degreaser, such as soap or rubbing alcohol, to clean the surface of your vehicle before wrapping it.
  3. Keep it clean. The sun is not only the enemy of vinyl. Dirt and pollution also affects the wrap. Car wraps and graphics in hotter climates have a rougher life, but dirt build up and pollution fallout also have negative effects on your graphics. Corrosive pollution settling on your car and mixing with the morning dew can cause a rust-like effect on your wrap’s lamination. To avoid this, keep your car clean by washing it regularly.

 As technology advances, the quality of the materials also keeps getting better and better. To install and warrant your vinyl graphics for up to 7 years, be aware of the environmental issues that can degrade the performance life of your vinyl wrap.

  1. Wax it. Are you using a gloss vinyl wrap? If you are, then you should wax it. Wax it by hand, so you don’t snag an edge. Both your paint and your graphics will surely thank you for adding a little protection. For matte finish vinyl, waxing may produce a less desirable result depending on the color. In this case, a spray detailer may be used instead.
  2. Avoid pressure washers. Drive-thru car washes and pressure washers are not good for your car graphics. Instead, take your car to a hand car wash. You can also hand wash it yourself using soap and water.

Getting a car wrap has a number of benefits compared to a paint job. However without proper care, it will not have lasting results. If you want to enjoy a couple extra years of good looking graphics, you should use the right vinyl ready designs and prepare your car’s surface before car wrap installation. Also, keep your car clean after the installation. Wax it and, remember, avoid pressure washers. These five tips will help make your graphics last longer.