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Personalize your Car with Vinyl Ready Designs

Are you considering getting vinyl ready designs for your vehicle? If you are, then you are on the right track. Whether to advertise your business or make your car more attractive, a car wrap can help you achieve your aesthetic and promotional goals. But before you dive into the art of vinyl wrapping, there are a few basic things you need to know first.

  1. What is a car wrap?
    A car wrap is a kind of fitting that appears as the skin of your vehicle. It is commonly made of vinyl, a material so strong and durable it could last up to five years. The vinyl is placed around your car to protect it against abrasion and rocks. A vehicle wrap could include images or details of a company for advertising purposes. You can get vinyl ready designs or custom-made ones.
  2. How is a car wrap made?

Typically, a car wrap is completed in three different stages – design, production and installation. The first stage involves intricate measurement of the vehicle to be wrapped as well as the creation of the exact design to appear on the cover. The second is the production, which is the stage when the cover is actually created. The vinyl graphics will be placed on the wrap and laminated for extra durability. Lastly, it will be installed onto the car.

  1. How long will a vinyl wrap last?

One of the best qualities of a vinyl wrap is its very significant life span. It could remain on your car anywhere between three and five years. Its longevity depends on certain variables, including brand, installation, and wear and tear. A wrap created with long life solvent ink and over-laminated with UV ray protection should last at least three years.

  1. Will a car wrap damage your vehicle’s paint job?

On the contrary, a vehicle wrap can help preserve your car’s original paint. However, different variables may come into play. To make sure, talk with your car graphics provider.

  1. Can vehicle wraps be repaired?
    Another great thing about a car wrap is you can change it anytime you want or need. You can opt for cheaper vinyl designs to change your ad per season or promotion. If the wrap becomes damaged, you can also repair the area without replacing the entire wrap. Unlike paint, it gives your car a breathtaking finish.
  2. What is the difference between partial and full vehicle wraps?
    Vinyl ready designs are available in full and partial wraps. A full wrap, as the name suggests, covers your entire car. A partial wrap, on the other hand, covers less.

Vinyl car wraps provide a barrier of protection that keeps your car’s original paint job pristine for years. Their expected performance life span is between three to five years, if properly maintained. Whether it is for aesthetic or promotional purposes, vehicle wraps are a great investment. For a fraction of a cost of an actual paint job, they could last for a long time.