5 Types of Car Graphics for Your Business

Vehicle graphics are a good marketing tool for your business. They are cost-effective and can last up to five years. In short, they are a good marketing investment. However, getting car graphics is not that easy. You need to consider some technical and aesthetic aspects to make sure it’s successful and effective.

There are five types of car graphics that you can use to market your business efficiently. To help you make the best decision to reach your marketing and business goals, here is a comparison guide:

  • Vehicle Wraps
    Vehicle wraps are like very large custom stickers. They are designed and printed digitally using high resolution printers. They are typically made of vinyl, which is then laminated to protect the quality of the print from abrasion and fading. Installed by highly skilled personnel, they have the look and feel of a new coat of paint. Small and large businesses alike use them to convey their brand message. They can also be used for personal purposes to make one’s car more attractive.
  • Rear Window Graphics
    Rear window graphics are like vehicle wraps. They are also custom designed and printed on vinyl using a large format printer. The difference is with the type of vinyl used. The adhesive vinyl in rear window graphics has tiny round holes, which remove 50% of the material. They allow those inside the vehicle to see out, while those outside can only see the graphic design.
  • Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are custom designed and printed sheets of flexible magnetic material. They can be applied anywhere in the car, including passenger and driver doors. Oftentimes, this is the starting point to explore the use of car graphics for personal and business purposes. This type of vehicle graphics is simple and affordable.

  • Vehicle Lettering
    Vehicle lettering, also known as cut out graphics, is another popular choice among companies with large fleets of vehicles. They help fleet managers, service professionals and even drivers keep track of individual vehicles through a numbering system. They also allow business owners to include their company names and contact information in the font and color of their choice.
  • Custom Paint
    The last, but definitely not the least, type of car graphics is custom paint. Custom painting is a high end custom paint job that offers a seamless finish – a feat not possible by any other method. However, this is a permanent option. So, there should be no error.

Among the five types of vehicle graphics, car wraps are the most cost-effective and successful marketing tool. They will surely turn heads day and night, building awareness of your brand with every trip. They last longer, too. Made of high quality vinyl materials, they can last between three to five years.

Purchasing car graphics is a long-term investment. Therefore, it should be done with extra caution. How you choose your vehicle graphics provider is important in ensuring marketing success. Always check these three factors – design, print & finishing, and installation – to get the best return for your investment.